Kiernan Easton 


I have a fantastic opportunity to go and volunteer in Nakuru, Kenya in 2019. This will be helping to build communities there by either helping to build a school, or by working in a school either as a TA or a sports instructor. However in order to go, I need to fundraise the cost of my trip.

In order to raise some of the required amount, I have been generously supported by Portsmouth Joggers, Believe and Achieve and On The Whistle, with the kind donations of some of their old medals.

You have the choice of 10km, to be run all at once, a half marathon, marathon, or an ultra (31miles or more).  The half, full and ultra can be spread over a week.  You can enter one, two, or even all of the distances however, the evidence supplied must be unique in order to claim each medal.  The medals will tally for the appropriate distance that you are claiming for.

As I know that each of the above organisers also donate to charity, I will also give 10% of all profits to the Lifehouse which is a homeless resource centre in Southsea.

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