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Online Event Management

Using our online entry service removes the stress of dealing with registration and participant queries as we will deal with all of that for you. Our technical team are excellent and offer great support with anything you need. We really just want to make the whole process as easy for you as possible so you can concentrate on other aspects of organising your events!

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Why choose Full On Sport?

  • We don’t just process your payments, we support you and your participants.
  • Our system allows you to manage all your event income and expenditure.
  • Keeping on track of the finances has never been easier.
  • It will become one of those technical tools you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.
  • It's super easy for your participants to register with!
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Core Features

  • We provide full registration form templates
  • Create Individual/ Group / Team/relay entries
  • Fully responsive layout for use on all devices
  • Duplicate previous events to save re-entering information
  • Create waiting lists for events that sell out
  • Add, edit and delete participants, including postal entries
  • Email participants
  • Download/upload reports
  • Privatise/ hide events for sponsor entry exclusivity
  • Password protect private events
  • Add manual entries
  • Create discount codes

Reduce your work load

Our purpose built only entry system is fast, user friendly and allows the you to manage all your event admin online, removing the stress of processing manual payments.

Our user-friendly system allows your participants to easily enter themselves or others in to an event. The functionalities allow you to fully set up and manage multiple events online via one platform.


Selling merchandise via our system could save you thousands on website development and merchant fees, we only charge 4.9%+20p and VAT per transaction. Not only does it look good it’s just another task that can be managed under one platform.

Processing Payments

  • Shopping cart system that allows participants to save entries and pay for them later
  • The check-out system is compatible with smart phones and tablets so your participants can enter anywhere at any time
  • All participants will receive a confirmation email when they have made a purchase (these are customisable)
  • Collect charity donations and sell merchandise payments

Get social

We’ve developed a social platform so you can communicate with all event participants, anywhere, anytime.

  • Our system has all social media plugins
  • Your participants can share that they’ve entered your event on their social media profiles
  • Send public messages to all event participants via their newsfeeds
  • Email participants from the system
  • Upload images to news feed
  • Start a conversation thread and get people buzzing about your events!

Full On Sport Costs

  • Our charge is 4.9%+20p and VAT per entry
  • There are no set up costs, just a percentage taken per transaction when members pay for items
  • There are no additional costs, the charge for processing merchandise payments and charity donations are the same 4.9%+20p and VAT
  • We don’t charge extra for credit card transactions
  • All functionality on the site is free until members pay for items
    (Please note a fully managed service or bespoke services will incur an added cost)

Full On Sport Security

  • Our system is secured and encrypted using SSL (HTTPS) technology to ensure data security
  • We take Data Protection very seriously, we are PCI compliant with regular security checks performed by Trustwave
  • We do not share any information with 3rd parties
  • We actively monitor our systems and have measures in place to block potential attacks and suspicious activity
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